Commercial Bankruptcy Law In Berkeley Heights, NJ

The Law Offices of Andy Winchell handles bankruptcy and restructuring matters on both debtor and creditor sides for commercial clients.

Andy has extensive experience in chapter 11 cases of all sizes. Among other representations, he has handled dozens of preference and fraudulent transfer actions dating back nearly two decades. Most recently, he acheived a complete victory in a preference trial in Delaware in the reported decision in Burtch v. Revchem (In re Sierra Concrete Design, Inc.), 2015 WL 4381571, Case No. 10-52667 (CSS) (Bk. Del. July 16, 2015).

Andy's extensive experience in the field allows us to offer high-level representation to our clients at a fraction of the cost of larger firms. We represent clients in corporate cases in New Jersey, New York, Delaware and California.

Prominent cases on which Andy worked include:

  • In re Lear Corporation
  • In re Archangel Diamond Corporation
  • In re Delphi Corporation
  • In re Collins & Aikman Corporation
  • In re Tower Automotive, Inc.
  • In re Enron Corporation
  • In re Federal-Mogul Group
  • In re DPP-Visalia
  • In re Mariner Post-Acute Network
  • In re InStor Media
  • Vickie Lynn Marshall (aka Anna Nicole Smith) v. Koch Industries Inc.
  • Burtch v. Revchem (In re Seirra Concrete Design, Inc.)