Foreclosure Defense Attorney based in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Is a bank threatening to take your home? Are you behind on your mortgage loan payments? Have you been served with a civil summons or a notice of a foreclosure sale? Are people claiming to be inspection representatives from your mortgage lender appearing at random times to photograph your home?

The Law Offices of Andy Winchell represents homeowners in litigation against mortgage creditors in both state and federal courts. Although many consumers worry that a filed foreclosure complaint means that their mortgage lender is going to force them out of their home, there are potentially viable defenses in foreclosure actions. For example, loose credit requirements and the real estate bubble from the early- to mid-2000's caused many mortgage lenders to become sloppy with their accounting and paperwork, leading to the "robo-signing" scandal for which many large mortgage lenders were disciplined or fined by the government. We take a very aggressive stance with lenders by seeking proof that their documentation is both legal and complete.

Andy is a two-time graduate of Max Gardner's Bankruptcy Boot Camp, probably the best training for foreclosure defense attorneys anywhere. Using knowledge gained from training and experience from actions litigated over his career, Andy employs the latest strategies and arguments to defend your case and try to help you stay in your home.