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Mortgage Loan Modification

The Law Offices of Andy Winchell assists people in obtaining mortgage loan modifications from their lender.

Homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage loan payments and who are concerned about or threatened with foreclosure, as well as homeowners whose homes are currently valued for less than the principal balance owed on their corresponding mortgage loans are two examples of consumers who can benefit from a mortgage loan modification.

The process of applying for a mortgage loan modification is inherently complex and requires great attention to detail. The process is made more stressful for homeowners by the lenders' documentary requirements and recurring deadlines. We interview our clients regarding their current home status and value, as well as possible viable outcomes for their budget and living situation. We then collect, assemble, and prepare loan modification applications for submission to the lender and their attorneys on your behalf.  We communicate with the mortgage lenders throughout the application process, follow-up on all documents submitted, and insist that the banks adhere to the latest regulations with respect to the application process. We have also brought litigation in federal court when mortgage lenders have failed in their obligations to borrowers.